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Title: Bulfinch's Mythology, Author: Thomas Bulfinch
Title: Incredible Mysteries of the Bible: A Visual Exploration, Author: Stephen M. Miller
Title: Mythology: Gods and Mortals (SparkCharts), Author: SparkNotes
Title: The Golden Bough (Barnes & Noble Digital Library): A Study in Magic and Religion, Author: James George Frazer
Title: The Golden Bough, Author: Sir James George Frazer
Title: Myths and Legends of the Middle Ages, Author: H.A. Guerber
Title: Myth, Ritual and Religion, Author: Andrew Lang
Title: Myths to Live By, Author: Joseph Campbell
Title: Introduction to the History of Religions, Author: Crawford Toy
Title: Bulfinch's Mythology - The Age of Chivalry / Legends of Charlemagne, Author: Thomas Bulfinch
Title: Words from the Myths, Author: Isaac Asimov
Title: World Mythology: An Anthology of the Great Myths and Epics, Author: Donna Rosenberg
Title: Mythology, Author: Edith Hamilton
Title: Myth, Ritual and Religion Vol. 2, Author: Andrew Lang
Title: Magic and Religion, Author: Andrew Lang
Title: The Friendly Guide to Mythology: A Mortal's Companion to the Fantastical Realm of Gods Goddesses Monsters Heroes, Author: Nancy Hathaway
Title: 1-800-IceBaby, Author: Dawn Blair Pre-Order Now
Title: The Age of Fable, Author: Thomas Bulfinch
Title: The Image In The Mirror, Author: Eles T. Mann
Title: The Age of Fable, or Stories of Gods and Heroes, Author: Thomas Bulfinch

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