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Title: Fundamentals of Menu Planning / Edition 3, Author: Paul J. McVety
Title: Lessons in Wine Service from Charlie Trotter, Author: Edmund O. Lawler
Title: Design and Layout of Foodservice Facilities / Edition 3, Author: John C. Birchfield
Title: The Wine, Beer, and Spirits Handbook, (Unbranded): A Guide to Styles and Service / Edition 1, Author: The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes
Title: Classical Cooking The Modern Way: Methods and Techniques / Edition 3, Author: Philip Pauli
Title: Food and Nutrition Bibliography, Author: Press Oryx
Title: Introduction to Modern Food and Beverage Service, Author: William L. Kahrl
Title: Nutrition for the Food Service Professional, Author: Karen Eich Drummond
Title: Tips Cooks Love: Over 500 Tips, Techniques, and Shortcuts That Will Make You a Better Cook!, Author: Rick Rodgers
Title: Strategic Questions in Food and Beverage Management, Author: Roy C Wood
Title: Presenting Service: Bar and Beverage Service, Author: Lendal Henry Kotschevar
Title: Financial Control for Your Foodservice Operation, Author: Michael M. Coltman
Title: Manual of Equipment and Design for the Foodservice Industry, Author: Carl R. Scriven
Title: Culinary Creation, Author: James Morgan
Title: Menus: Analysis and Planninng, Author: Lothar A. Kreck
Title: Menu Pricing and Strategy, Author: Jack E. Miller
Title: Fundamentals of Menu Planning / Edition 1, Author: Paul J. McVety
Title: Fundamentals of Professional Food Preparation: A Laboratory Text-Workbook, Author: Donald V. Laconi
Title: Quality Restaurant Service Guaranteed: A Training Outline / Edition 1, Author: Nancy Loman Scanlon
Title: Classical Cooking the Modern Way, Author: Eugen Pauli

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