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Title: Invincible: My Journey from Fan to NFL Team Captain, Author: Vince Papale Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Good Days, Bad Days: An NFL Book, Author: David Halecroft
Title: Touchdown!: Football's Most Dramatic Scoring Feats, Author: Phyllis Hollander
Title: Downfield: Untold Stories of the Green Bay Packers, Author: Jerry Poling
Title: Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream, Author: H. G. Bissinger
Title: Return to Glory: Inside Tyrone Willingham's Amazing First Season at Notre Dame, Author: Alan Grant Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Junior Seau: High-Voltage Linebacker, Author: Terri Morgan
Title: NFL Record and Fact Book 2009, Author: Editors at the NFL
Title: Earl Campbell: The Texas Tornado, Sports Stars, Author: Hal Lundgren
Title: Star Running Backs of the NFL, Author: Bill Libby
Title: Playbook! Football: You're the Quarterback, You Call the Shots, Author: Michael Teitelbaum
Title: Super Bowl Bound, Author: William Campbell Gault
Title: JR Football Playbk, Author: Sam De Luca
Title: Bert Jones: Born to Play Football, Author: George E. Sullivan
Title: How to Get In Football Shape, Author: Cool Springs Press
Title: Rising Stars: The 10 Best Young Players in the NFL, Author: Richard Dietsch
Title: Football in the SEC: Southeastern Conference, Author: Greg Roza
Title: The Football Hall of Shame: Young Fans' Edition, Author: Bruce M. Nash
Title: Hershel Walker: From the Georgia Backwoods and the Heisman Trophy to the Pros, Author: Jeff Prugh
Title: Super Super Bowl Trivia Book, Author: Neil Cohen

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