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Title: Old Testament Parallels (New Revised and Expanded Third Edition): Laws and Stories from the Ancient near East / Edition 3, Author: Victor Harold Matthews
Title: The Code of Hammurabi, Author: Hammurabi
Title: Law and Identity in Mandate Palestine, Author: Assaf Likhovski
Title: Reproducing Jews: A Cultural Account of Assisted Conception in Israel, Author: Susan Martha Kahn
Title: Turkey: Weapons Transfers and Violations of the Laws of War in Turkey, Author: Human Rights Watch Arms Project Staff
Title: Watershed, Author: Stephen C. Lonergan
Title: Law and the Administration of Justice in the Old Testament and Ancient East, Author: Hans Jochen Boecker
Title: Modernization of the Law in Arab States: An Investigation into Current Civil, Criminal, and Constitutional Law in the Arab World, Author: George N. Sfeir
Title: Turkey - The Greeks of Turkey: Denying Human Rights and Ethnic Identity, Author: Helsinki Watch Staff
Title: Erased in a Moment: Suicide Bombing Attacks Against Israeli Civilians, Author: Joe Stork
Title: Torture in Turkey and Its Unwilling Accomplices: The Scope of State Persecution and the Coercion of Physicians, Author: Physicians for Human Rights Staf
Title: Prison Conditions in Israel and Israeli-Occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, Author: Eric Goldstein
Title: Prison Conditions in Turkey, Author: Helsinki Watch Staff
Title: Refugee Rights in Iran, Author: Shirin Ebadi
Title: Kuwait Building the Rule of Law, Author: Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
Title: The Rule of Law in the Arab World: Courts in Egypt and the Gulf, Author: Nathan J. Brown
Title: Babylonian And Assyrian Laws, Contracts And Letters, Author: C. H. W. Johns
Title: Bahrain's Business Environment, Author: Philip Dew
Title: Arabic Legal and Administrative Documents in the Cambridge Genizah Collections, Author: Geoffrey Khan
Title: Kuwait - The Bedouins of Kuwait:

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