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Title: Multinationals, the State and Control of the Nigerian Economy, Author: Thomas J. Biersteker
Title: Loosing the Bonds: The United States and South Africa in the Apartheid Years, Author: Robert K. Massie
Title: Multinational Enterprises, Foreign Direct Investment and Growth in Africa: South African Perspectives, Author: Bernard Michael Gilroy
Title: International Initiatives: Blueprint for Change in South Africa, Author: Linda Griffin
Title: White Wealth and Black Poverty: American Investments in Southern Africa, Author: Barbara Rogers
Title: Activities of Transnationals Corporations in South Africa and Namibia and the Responsibilities of Home Countries with Respect to Their Operations in This Area, Author: Centre on Transnational Corporations (United Nations) Staff
Title: Economic Imperialism in Theory and Practice: The Case of South African Gold Mining Finance, 1886-1914, Author: Robert V. Kubicek
Title: Profit, Principle and Apartheid, 1948-1994: The Conflict of Economic and Moral Issues in United States-South African Relations, Author: Benjamin Kline
Title: The Awakening Frontier: Trade and Investment (Plus Economic Trends) in the Sub-Saharan Africa's Burgeoning 500 Million Plus People Marketplace, Author: Jude Ebere Uba
Title: Divestment, Disinvestment, and South Africa, Author: U. S. Catholic Conference of Bishops
Title: Multinationals on the Periphery: DaimlerChrysler South Africa, Human Capital Upgrading and Regional Economic Development, Author: Jo Lorentzen
Title: Privatization And Investment In Sub-Saharan Africa, Author: Rexford Ahene
Title: The Apartheid Crisis: How We Can Do Justice in a Land of Violence, Author: Oliver F. Williams
Title: Investment and Risk in Africa, Author: Paul Collier
Title: Distortion or Development?: Contending Perspectives on the Multinational Corporation, Author: Thomas J. Biersteker
Title: South Africa: Foreign Investment and Apartheid, Author: Lawrence Litvak
Title: Investment Strategies Emerging Mkts, Author: Saul Estrin
Title: Regional Integration, FDI and Competitiveness in Southern Africa, Author: Andrea Goldstein
Title: South Africa and U. S. Multinational Corporations, Author: Ann Willcox Seidman
Title: The Roots of Crisis in Southern Africa, Author: Ann Willcox Seidman

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