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Title: City of Light, City of Poison: Murder, Magic, and the First Police Chief of Paris, Author: Holly Tucker Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Rival Queens: Catherine de' Medici, Her Daughter Marguerite de Valois, and the Betrayal that Ignited a Kingdom, Author: Nancy Goldstone
Title: King James VI and I and the Reunion of Christendom, Author: W. B. Patterson Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Marie Antoinette's Head: The Royal Hairdresser, the Queen, and the Revolution, Author: Will Bashor Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Cultivated Power: Flowers, Culture, and Politics in the Reign of Louis XIV, Author: Elizabeth Hyde
Title: How to Ruin a Queen: Marie Antoinette and the Diamond Necklace Affair, Author: Jonathan Beckman Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: George Washington Remembers: Reflections on the French and Indian War, Author: Fred Anderson
Title: Scented Palace: The Secret History of Marie Antoinette's Perfumer, Author: Elisabeth de Feydeau
Title: Vaux and Versailles: The Appropriations, Erasures, and Accidents That Made Modern France, Author: Claire Goldstein
Title: Struggle for a Continent: The French and Indian Wars, 1689-1763, Author: Betsy Maestro
Title: Coercion, Conversion and Counterinsurgency in Louis XIV's France, Author: Roy McCullough
Title: Richelieu and Olivares, Author: J. H. Elliott
Title: The Damiens Affair and the Unraveling of the ANCIEN REGIME, 1750-1770, Author: Dale K. Van Kley
Title: The Papers of George Washington: August 1755-April 1756, Author: George Washington
Title: Military Memoirs of Marlborough's Campaigns, 1702-1712, Author: Robert Parker
Title: The Jesuits and the Thirty Years War: Kings, Courts, and Confessors, Author: Robert Bireley
Title: Ancients Against Moderns : Culture Wars and the Making of a Fin De Siecle, Author: Joan DeJean
Title: Ideas in Seventeenth-Century France, Author: Edward John Kearns
Title: The Cult of the Nation in France: Inventing Nationalism, 1680-1800, Author: David A. Bell Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Huguenot Politics, 1601-1622, Author: James S. Valone

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