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Title: The New York Botanical Garden: Revised and Updated Edition, Author: Gregory Long
Title: Biltmore Nursery: A Botanical Legacy, Author: Bill Alexander
Title: Natural Wonders of Texas, Author: Paul Cooke
Title: The Botanical Garden: Volume I: Trees and Shrubs / Edition 1, Author: Roger Phillips
Title: Gardens of Empire: Botanical Institutions of the Victorian British Empire, Author: Donal P. McCracken
Title: The Botanic Garden, Author: Erasmus Darwin
Title: Museums in New York, Author: Fred W. McDarrah
Title: Botanical Gardens at the Huntington, Author: Don Normark
Title: Plants in Danger: What Do We Know?, Author: Stephen D. Davis
Title: Gardens of the Heartland, Author: Laura C. Martin
Title: The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, Author: Peggy Park Bernal
Title: Donata & Christoph Valentien: Shanghai New Botanic Garden, Author: Valentin Valentin
Title: New York Botanical Garden, Author: Gregory Long
Title: Art and Science in America: Issues of Representation, Author: Amy R. Meyers
Title: The botanic garden : A poem, in two parts. Part I. Containing the economy of vegetation. Part II. The loves of the plants. : With philosophical notes, Author: Erasmus Darwin
Title: Botanical Gardens and the World Conservation Strategy, Author: David Bramwell
Title: The Story of Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Author: Eric W. Curtis
Title: Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden: From past to Present, Author: David Ehrlinger
Title: The Botanical Gardens at the Huntington, Author: Don Normark
Title: Natural Wonders of New York: A Guide to Parks, Preserves and Wild Places, Author: Deborah Williams

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