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Title: American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers, Author: Christopher Brickell
Title: The Visual Encyclopedia of Garden Plants: A practical guide to choosing the best plants for all types of garden, with 3000 entries and 950 photographs, Author: Andrew Mikolajski
Title: Las Mejores Plantas Para El Jardin: Una Valiosa Seleccion de Las Especies Mas Adecuadas Para Su Jardin = Best Plants for You and Your Garden, Author: Anne Swithinbank
Title: The Houseplant Encyclopedia, Author: Ingrid Jantra
Title: 400 Best Garden Plants: A Practical Encyclopedia of Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs, Trees, and Shrubs, Author: Elvin McDonald
Title: The Complete Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, Author: Kate Bryant
Title: Taylor's Encyclopedia of Garden Plants: The Most Authoritative Guide to the Best Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs for North American Gardens, Author: Frances Tenenbaum
Title: The Gardner's Handbook of Edible Plants, Author: Rosalind Creasy
Title: Encyclopedia of Garden Plants and Flowers, Author: Lance Hattatt
Title: Plant Identifiers: Plants for Small Gardens, Author: Frances Welland
Title: Gardener's Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers: An A-to-Z Guide to 1,500 Varieties, Author: Lance Hattatt
Title: The Ward Lock Encyclopedia of Gardening, Author: Anita Pereire
Title: American Horticultural Society A to Z Encyclopedia, Author: Christopher Brickell
Title: 600 Garden Favorites: Essential Plants for Your Garden, Author: Various
Title: La Enciclopedia de Las Plantas de Interior, Author: Nico Vermeulen
Title: Botanica, Author: R. G. Turner
Title: Encyclopedia of Plant Care, Author: Miracle-Gro Books Staff
Title: 500 Essential Garden Plants, Author: Annette Timmermann
Title: Encyclopedia of Border Plants, Author: Hanneke Van Dijk
Title: Plantopedia, Author: Maggie Stuckey

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