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Title: A Field Guide to Eastern Trees: Eastern United States and Canada, Including the Midwest, Author: Roger Tory Peterson
Title: Dirr's Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs, Author: Michael A. Dirr
Title: Growing Christmas Trees: Select the Right Species, Raise the Best Trees, Market for the Holidays. A Storey Basics Title, Author: Patrick White
Title: Palms of South Florida / Edition 1, Author: George B. Stevenson
Title: Trees and Shrubs of California / Edition 1, Author: John D. Stuart
Title: Grow a Little Fruit Tree: Simple Pruning Techniques for Small-Space, Easy-Harvest Fruit Trees, Author: Ann Ralph
Title: Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit, Author: Robert D. Wray
Title: Bonsai, a beginners guide, Author: Bonsai Empire
Title: The Tree Doctor: A Guide to Tree Care and Maintenance, Author: Dan Prendergast
Title: Essential Pruning Techniques: Trees, Shrubs, and Conifers, Author: George E. Brown
Title: An Illustrated Guide to Pruning / Edition 3, Author: Edward F. Gilman
Title: How to Grow Your Own Nuts: Choosing, Cultivating and Harvesting Nuts in Your Garden, Author: Martin Crawford
Title: How To Prune A Japanese Maple, Author: Dwayne Haskell
Title: A Southern Garden, Author: Elizabeth Lawrence
Title: Pruning Made Easy: A Gardener's Visual Guide to When and How to Prune Everything, from Flowers to Trees, Author: Lewis Hill
Title: Backyard Woodland: How to Maintain and Sustain Your Trees, Water, and Wildlife, Author: Josh VanBrakle
Title: Grafting Fruit Trees, Author: Larry Southwick
Title: Niwaki: Pruning, Training and Shaping Trees the Japanese Way, Author: Jake  Hobson
Title: Restoration Agriculture: Real-World Permaculture for Farmers, Author: Mark Shepard
Title: Trees of the California Landscape / Edition 1, Author: Charles Hatch

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