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Title: Religion: The Basics / Edition 2, Author: Malory Nye
Title: Travesti: Sex, Gender, and Culture among Brazilian Transgendered Prostitutes / Edition 2, Author: Don Kulick
Title: Women Loving Women: Appreciating and Exploring the Beauty of Erotic Female Encounters, Author: Jamye Waxman
Title: Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addiction in Gay Men, Author: Robert Weiss
Title: True Secrets of Lesbian Desire: Keeping Sex Alive in Long-term Relationships, Author: Renate Stendhal
Title: Truth about Homosexuality: The Cry of the Faithful, Author: John F. Harvey
Title: Barrack Buddies and Soldier Lovers: Dialogues with Gay Men in the U. S. Military, Author: Steven Zeeland
Title: Sexual Outlaw: A Documentary, Author: John Rechy
Title: Chicken: Self-Portrait of a Young Man For Rent, Author: David Henry Sterry
Title: Finding True Love in a Man-Eat-Man World, Author: Craig Nelson
Title: Dancing Around the Volcano: Freeing Our Erotic Lives: Decoding the Enigma of Gay Men and Sex, Author: Guy Kettelhack
Title: Assuming the Position: A Memoir of Hustling, Author: Rick Whitaker
Title: Rent Boys: The World of Male Sex Trade Workers, Author: Michel Dorais
Title: What's Wrong with My Willy?, Author: Ray Hamble
Title: Sustaining Safe Sex: Gay Communities Respond to AIDS, Author: R.W.  Connell
Title: Leathermen Speak Out: An Anthology on Leathersex, Author: Jack Ricardo
Title: Gay Men and Anal Eroticism: Tops, Bottoms and Versatiles, Author: Steven G. Underwood
Title: Gay Men¿s Sexual Stories, Author: Robert Reynolds
Title: Male Prostitution, Author: Donald West J
Title: Male Sex Work: A Business Doing Pleasure, Author: Taylor and Francis

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