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Title: Finding Your African American Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide, Author: David T. Thackery
Title: North Carolina Slaves And Free Persons Of Color, Author: William L. Byrd Iii
Title: From the Rising of the Sun, Author: Aletha J. Solomon
Title: Hunter Sutherland's Slave Manumissions And Sales In Harford County, Maryland, 1775-1865, Author: Carolyn Greenfield Adams
Title: Black Genealogy, Author: Blockson
Title: The Blacks of Pickaway County, Ohio in the Nineteenth Century, Author: James Buchanan
Title: The African American Family's Guide to Tracing Our Roots...Healing, Understanding & Restoring our Families, Author: Roland Barksdale-Hall
Title: Maryland Freedom Papers: Volume 2: Kent County, Author: Jerry M. Hynson
Title: Search for Freejoe, Author: Earnest Edward Lacey
Title: Guide To Tracing Your African Ameripean Civil War Ancestor, Author: Jeanette Braxton Secret
Title: Heritage Preserved: Crockett Country, Tennessee 1800-2000, Author: Juanita N. Gatewood
Title: North Carolina Slaves and Free Persons of Color: Cowan County, Author: William L.
Title: The Obamas: The Untold Story of an African Family, Author: Peter Firstbrook
Title: District of Columbia Runaway and Fugitive Slave Cases: 1848-1863, Author: Jerry M. Hynson
Title: Black Courage, 1775-1783: Documentation of Black Participation in the American Revolution, Author: Robert E. Greene
Title: Black Tie, White Tie: Chronicle of an American Family 1739-1940, Author: Lyle E. Gibson
Title: An Index of African Americans Identified in Select Records of the Bureau of Refuges, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, Author: Jacqueline A. Lawson
Title: The Freedmen's Bureau in Virginia: Names of Destitute Freedmen - Government in Military Districts, Author: Elizabeth Kambourian
Title: North Carolina Freedman's Savings and Trust Company Records, Author: Bill Reeves
Title: Index to the Journal of the African-American Historical and Genealogical Society Quarterly: Issues of 1980-1990, Author: Barbara D. Walker

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