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Title: My European Family: The First 54,000 Years, Author: Karin Bojs
Title: Saxons, Vikings, and Celts: The Genetic Roots of Britain and Ireland, Author: Bryan Sykes
Title: Britain's Royal Families: The Complete Genealogy, Author: Alison Weir
Title: Ancestral Roots Of Certain American Colonists Who Came To America Before 1700. Lineages From Afred The Great, Charlemagne, Malcolm Of Scotland, Robert The Strong, And Other Historical Individuals. Eighth Edition, Author: Frederick Lewis Weis
Title: Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, Author: John Grenham
Title: Pedigrees Of Some Of The Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants. Volume I, Author: Marcellus Donald R. Von Redlich
Title: Queen Victoria's Gene: Haemophilia and the Royal Family, Author: D. M. Potts
Title: German-English Genealogical Dictionary, Author: Ernest Thode
Title: Cool Irish Names for Babies, Author: Pamela Redmond Satran
Title: Jacobites Of 1715 And 1745. North East Scotland, Author: Mcdonnell
Title: The Magna Charta Sureties, 1215. Fifth Edition, Author: Frederick Lewis Weis
Title: Plantagenet Ancestry of 17th-Century Colonists, Author: David Faris
Title: Huguenot And Scots Links, 1575-1775, Author: David Dobson
Title: Your Swedish Roots: A Step by Step Handbook, Author: Per Clemensson
Title: Tracing Your Irish Ancestors: The Complete Guide, Author: John Grenham
Title: Finding Your Italian Roots. The Complete Guide For Americans. Second Edition, Author: John Philip Colletta
Title: Clan Kinsella's History Of Ireland / Edition 2, Author: John Kinsella
Title: The Complete Book Of Emigrants In Bondage, 1614-1775, Author: Peter Wilson Coldham
Title: Royalty For Commoners. The Complete Known Lineage Of John Of Gaunt, Son Of Edward Iii, King Of England, And Queen Philippa. Fourth Edition, Author: Roderick W. Stuart
Title: One Hundred And Sixty Allied Families, Author: Austin

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