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Title: Bitter Lemons, Author: Lawrence Durrell
Title: A Business of Some Heat: The United Nations Force in Cyprus 1972-74, Author: Francis Henn Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Heart Grown Bitter: A Chronicle of Cypriot War Refugees, Author: Peter Loizos
Title: On the Margins of Southwest Asia: Cyprus during the 6th to 4th Millennia BC, Author: Joanne Clarke
Title: The Kingdom of Cyprus and the Crusades, 1191-1374, Author: Peter W. Edbury
Title: Mortuary Ritual and Society in Bronze Age Cyprus, Author: Priscilla Keswani
Title: Cyprus: Society and Culture 1191-1374, Author: Angel Nicolaou-Konnari
Title: Cyprus: A Modern History, Author: William Mallinson
Title: An International Relations Debacle: The un Secretary-General's Mission of Good Offices in Cyprus 1999-2004, Author: Claire Palley
Title: The Cyprus Question and the Turkish Position in International Law, Author: Zaim M. Necatigil
Title: The Byzantine Churches of Greece and Cyprus, Author: Elias Mastrogiannopoulos
Title: The Cyprus Issue: A Current Perspective, Author: Clement H. Dodd
Title: Cyprus, Author: Christopher Hitchens
Title: Cyprus, Author: Andrew Borowiec
Title: The Broken Olive Branch: Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, and the Quest for Peace in Cypruswo: Nationalism Versus Europeanization, Author: Harry Anastasiou
Title: Cyprus Revolt: An Account of the Struugle for Union with Greece, Author: Nancy Crawshaw
Title: Cyprus and the War of Greek Independence, 1821-1829, Author: John T. A. Koumoulides
Title: Divided Cyprus: Modernity, History, and an Island in Conflict, Author: Yiannis Papadakis Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Cyprus-a
Title: An Historical Gazetteer of Cyprus (1850 - 1987) with notes on population, Author: Hans-Jurgen Kornrumpf

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