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Title: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: The Definitive, 4th Edition, Author: Betty Edwards
Title: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook: The Definitive, 2nd Edition, Author: Betty Edwards
Title: Perspective Made Easy, Author: Ernest R. Norling
Title: Framed Perspective Vol. 1: Technical Perspective and Visual Storytelling, Author: Marcos Mateu-Mestre
Title: The Magic Eye, Volume III, Author: Cheri Smith
Title: Framed Perspective Vol. 2: Technical Drawing for Shadows, Volume, and Characters, Author: Marcos Mateu-Mestre
Title: Perspective Drawing Handbook, Author: Joseph D'Amelio
Title: Basic Perspective Drawing: A Visual Approach / Edition 6, Author: John Montague
Title: Perspective: An essential guide featuring basic principles, advanced techniques, and practical applications / Edition 1, Author: William F Powell
Title: Perspective Drawing for Beginners, Author: Len A. Doust
Title: Perspective and Other Optical Illusions, Author: Phoebe McNaughton
Title: Perspective! For Comic Book Artists: How to Achieve a Professional Look in Your Artwork, Author: David Chelsea
Title: Perspective for Artists, Author: Rex Vicat Cole
Title: The Art of Perspective: The Ultimate Guide for Artists in Every Medium, Author: Phil Metzger
Title: Anatomy and Perspective: The Fundamentals of Figure Drawing, Author: Charles Oliver
Title: Art and Geometry: A Study in Space Intuitions, Author: William M. Ivins
Title: Freehand Perspective and Sketching, Author: Dora Miriam Norton
Title: Perspective as Symbolic Form, Author: Erwin Panofsky
Title: Vanishing Point: Perspective for Comics from the Ground Up, Author: Jason Cheeseman-Meyer
Title: Perspective Drawing: A Designer's Method / Edition 1, Author: Robert Philip Gordon

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