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Title: Tolstoy As Teacher: Leo Tolstoy's Writings on Education, Author: Leo Tolstoy
Title: Vygotsky's Educational Theory in Cultural Context, Author: Alex Kozulin
Title: Mikhail Bakhtin: Creation of a Prosaics / Edition 1, Author: Gary  Saul Morson
Title: Vladimir Soloviev: Russian Mystic, Author: Paul Marshall Allen
Title: In Search of P.D. Ouspensky: The Genius in the Shadow of Gurdjieff, Author: Gary Lachman
Title: The Dialogics of Critique: M.M. Bakhtin and the Theory of Ideology / Edition 1, Author: Michael Gardiner
Title: Esther Regina: A Bakhtinian Reading, Author: Andre LaCocque
Title: Time and Space in Haggai-Zechariah 1-8: A Bakhtinian Analysis of a Prophetic Chronicle, Author: Seth Sykes
Title: Modern Russian Theology: Bukharev, Soloviev, Bulgakov: Orthadox Theology in a New Key, Author: Paul Valliere
Title: Readings in Russian Philosophical Thought: Philosophy of History, Author: Louis Shein
Title: Bakhtinian Thought:Intro Read, Author: Simon Dentith
Title: The First Hundred Years of Mikhail Bakhtin, Author: Caryl Emerson
Title: Tools of the Mind : A Vygotskian Approach to Early Childhood Education, Author: Deborah J. Leong
Title: Shakespeare and Carnival: After Bakhtin, Author: R. Knowles
Title: The Soviet Critique of Neopositivism: The History and Structure of the Critique of Logical Positivism and Related Doctrines by Soviet Philosophers in the Years 1947-1967, Author: W.F. Boeselager
Title: Genesis and Development of Plekhanov's Theory of Knowledge: A Marxist Between Anthropological Materialism and Physiology, Author: D. Steila
Title: Russian Odyssey: Trials and Triumphs of an Aquarian Seeker, Author: Nancy Seifer
Title: The Morphology of Russian Mentality: A Philosophical Inquiry into Conservatism and Pragmatism, Author: Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zviglëiìanich
Title: The Desire to be God: Freedom and the Other in Sartre and Berdyaev, Author: James Morse McLachlan
Title: Dialogic Inquiry: Towards a Socio-cultural Practice and Theory of Education, Author: Gordon Wells

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