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Title: Bird Life in Wington, Author: John Calvin Reid
Title: The Bondage Breaker (Youth Edition), Author: Neil T. Anderson
Title: Christian Heroes: Then and Now: John Wesley: The World His Parish, Author: Janet Benge
Title: Strong and Simple Messages for Children's Ministry, Author: Ruth Reazin
Title: What Clergy Do: Especially when it looks like nothing, Author: Emma Percy
Title: Apostles Today: Biblical Government for Biblical Power, Author: C. Peter Wagner
Title: Where Does God Live?; Fifty-Eight More Something for the Kids Children's Sermons for Worship, Author: Ted Lazicki
Title: Activate: An Entirely New Approach to Small Groups, Author: Nelson Searcy
Title: Scolding the Snakes: And 58 Other Kids Sermons from the Gospel of Luke, Author: Ruth Gilmore
Title: All God's Chillun Got Soul, Author: Morrie Turner
Title: 5-Minute Messages and More: Children's Lessons for Any Occasion, Author: Donald Hinchey
Title: 6-Minute Messages For Children: 52 Children's Devotions for Any Occasion, Author: Donald Hinchey
Title: Pointed Tales, Author: William Caveness Dixon
Title: Sitting on the Rainbow: And 58 Other Kids Sermons from the Gospel of Mark, Author: Ruth Gilmore
Title: Good News from Luke: Visual Messages for Children, Author: Lavern G. Franzen
Title: Desmond Tutu: Bishop of Peace, Author: Carol Greene
Title: Careers for Women As Clergy, Author: Julie F. Parker
Title: The Fulfillment of the Tabernacle and the Offerings in the Writings of John, Author: Witness Lee
Title: God's People: A Book of Children's Sermons, Author: Gail Linam
Title: John Newton: The Angry Sailor, Author: Kay Marshall Strom

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