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Title: Fair World: A History of World's Fairs and Expositions from London to Shanghai 1851-2010, Author: Paul Greenhalgh
Title: Visual Encyclopedia of Military Uniforms, Author: Chris McNab
Title: A Colorado History, 10th Edition, Author: Maxine Benson-Cook
Title: Mortal Wounds: The Human Skeleton as Evidence for Conflict in the Past, Author: Martin Smith
Title: Bell Roots: Our Early History, 825-1800, Author: Mr. James Elton Bell
Title: The American Arsenal: The World War II Official Standard Ordnance Catalogue, Author: Ian V Hogg
Title: Seventy Years of Issues: Historical Vocal 78 rpm Pressings from Original Masters, 1931-2001, Author: Tom Peel
Title: British Infantry Tank Mk. III Valentine: Part 2: 6-pdr & 75 mm Gun Tanks and Specialist Variants (Bishop, Archer, Duplex Drive, Bridgelayer), Author: Dick Taylor
Title: Am Rand der Welt: Eine Geschichte der Nordsee und der Anfänge Europas, Author: Michael Pye
Title: Etta
Title: Magazines: A Complete Guide to the Industry / Edition 1, Author: David E. Sumner
Title: Latrinae et Foricae: Toilets in the Roman World, Author: Barry Hobson
Title: German 7,5 cm Anti-tank Gun PaK 40, Author: Jan Wijnstok
Title: Hindi Newspaper Reader, Author: James W. Stone
Title: The A to Z of Belgium, Author: Robert Stallaerts
Title: The Greatest Lie Ever Told, Author: W H Uffington
Title: The Outline of History, Author: H. G. Wells
Title: Women and British Periodicals, 1832-1867: A Bibliography, Author: E. M. Palmegiano
Title: Genealogical Abstracts of Wood Co. , TX, Newspapers Before 1920, Author: Wood County Genealogical Society Staff
Title: Courage and Valor, Above and Beyond, Author: Edwin C. Tingstrom

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