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Title: Gulliver's Travels (Norton Critical Edition) / Edition 1, Author: Jonathan Swift
Title: Inside Soviet Film Satire, Author: Andrew Horton
Title: The Candy Men: The Rollicking Life and Times of the Notorious Novel Candy, Author: Nile Southern
Title: Intricate Laughter in the Satire of Swift and Pope, Author: Allan Ingram
Title: Dickens Redressed: The Art of Bleak House and Hard Times, Author: Alexander Welsh
Title: The Offensive Art: Political Satire and Its Censorship around the World from Beerbohm to Borat, Author: Leonard Freedman
Title: Satire: A Critical Reintroduction, Author: Dustin H. Griffin
Title: Horace (Routledge Revivals), Author: C.D.N.  Costa
Title: Satire, Author: Laura K. Egendorf
Title: Common Ground: Eighteenth-Century English Satiric Fiction and the Poor, Author: Judith Frank
Title: Satire, Lies, and Politics: The Case of Dr. Arbuthnot, Author: Conal Condren
Title: Menippean Elements in Paul Scarron's Roman comique, Author: Barbara L. Merry
Title: That Second Bottle: Essays on the Earl of Rochester, Author: Nicholas Fisher
Title: Culture and Society of Lucian, Author: Christopher P. Jones
Title: Alexander Pope, Author: Bateson
Title: Contemporary Russian Satire: A Genre Study, Author: Anthony Professor Cross
Title: Purity and Defilement in Gulliver's Travels, Author: C. Hinnant
Title: Roman Satirists in Seventeenth-Century England, Author: William Kupersmith
Title: Raillery and Rage: A Study of Eighteenth Century Satire, Author: David Nokes
Title: George Orwell, Author: Jeffrey Meyers

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