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Title: Events That Changed Germany, Author: Frank W. Thackeray
Title: Separated by Their Sex: Women in Public and Private in the Colonial Atlantic World, Author: Mary Beth Norton Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Napoleon's Last Campaign in Germany, 1813, Author: F. Loraine Petre
Title: Nation-Building in Central Europe, Author: Hagen Schulze
Title: Age of German Liberation, 1795-1815, Author: Friedrich Meinecke
Title: The Long Ride of Major Von Schill: A Journey Through German History and Memory, Author: Sam A. Mustafa Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Windthorst: A Political Biography, Author: Margaret Lavinia Anderson
Title: The Course of German Nationalism: From Frederick the Great to Bismarck 1763-1867, Author: Hagen Schulze
Title: Germany from Napoleon to Bismarck: 1800-1866, Author: Thomas Nipperdey
Title: German Women in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: A Social and Literary History, Author: Ruth-Ellen B. Joeres
Title: Religion and Politics in German History: From the Beginnings to the French Revolution, Author: Frank Eyck
Title: Police and State in 19th-Century Prussia, Author: Alf Ludtke
Title: Bismarck, Author: Edgar Feuchtwanger
Title: Bismarck: 1815-1871, Author: Lothar Gall
Title: Amazons and Apprentices: Women and the German Parnassus in the Early Enlightenment, Author: Katherine R. Goodman
Title: German History, 1770-1866, Author: James J. Sheehan
Title: Rereading German History: From Unification to Reunification 1800-1996, Author: Richard Evans Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Peculiarities of German History: Bourgeois Society and Politics in Nineteenth-Century Germany, Author: David Blackbourn
Title: Our Chancellor: Sketches for a Historical Picture, Author: Moritz Busch
Title: Law and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Germany: The Imperial Aulic Council in the Reign of Charles VI, Author: Michael Hughes

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