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Title: Bismarck, Author: Otto Von Bismarck
Title: History of Germany, 1780-1918: The Long Nineteenth Century (Blackwell Classic Histories of Europe Series) / Edition 2, Author: David Blackbourn
Title: Separated by Their Sex: Women in Public and Private in the Colonial Atlantic World, Author: Mary Beth Norton
Title: The Wars of German Unification, Author: Dennis Showalter
Title: Bismarck / Edition 1, Author: Otto Von Bismarck
Title: Bismarck, Author: Edward Crankshaw
Title: Blenheim 1704: The Duke of Marlborough's Masterpiece, Author: John Tincey
Title: Blenheim 1704: Marlborough's Greatest Victory, Author: James Falkner
Title: Germany, 1800-1871 / Edition 1, Author: Jonathan Sperber
Title: Napoleon's Last Campaign in Germany, 1813, Author: F. Loraine Petre
Title: Art as History: Episodes in the Culture and Politics of Nineteenth-Century Germany, Author: Peter Paret
Title: German History since 1800, Author: Mary Fulbrook
Title: Rereading German History: From Unification to Reunification 1800-1996, Author: Richard Evans
Title: Germany's 19th Century Cassandra: The Liberal Federalist Georg Gottfried Gervinus, Author: Jonathan F. Wagner
Title: Blenheim: Battle for Europe, Author: Charles Spencer
Title: The Long Ride of Major Von Schill: A Journey Through German History and Memory, Author: Sam A. Mustafa
Title: Age of German Liberation, 1795-1815, Author: Friedrich Meinecke
Title: The Politics of the Prussian Nobility: The Development of a Conservative Ideology, 1770-1848, Author: Robert M. Berdahl
Title: Bismarck / Edition 2, Author: Bruce Waller
Title: Preussen im Vormaerz: Die Verhandlungen der Provinziallandtage von Brandenburg, Pommern, Posen, Sachsen und Schlesien sowie - im Anhang - von Ostpreussen, Westfalen und der Rheinprovinz (1841-1845), Author: Werner Schubert

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