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Title: Romantic Conception of Life: Science and Philosophy in the Age of Goethe / Edition 2, Author: Robert J. Richards
Title: Building a National Literature: The Case of Germany, 1830-1870, Author: Peter Uwe Hohendahl
Title: The Hard Facts of the Grimms' Fairy Tales / Edition 2, Author: Maria Tatar
Title: The Specular Moment: Goethe's Early Lyric and the Beginnings of Romanticism, Author: David E. Wellbery
Title: Goethe: A Very Short Introduction, Author: Ritchie Robertson
Title: Lessing's Philosophy of Religion and the German Enlightenment, Author: Toshimasa Yasukata
Title: The Mystical Sources of German Romantic Philosophy, Author: Ernst Benz
Title: The Literary Absolute: The Theory of Literature in German Romanticism / Edition 1, Author: Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe
Title: The Brothers Grimm and Folktale, Author: James M. McGlathery
Title: Goethe and Palladio, Author: David Lowe
Title: Franz Grillparzer's
Title: Fragments of the Feminine Sublime in Friedrich Schlegel and James Joyce, Author: Ginette Verstraete
Title: Romantic Irony of Semiotics: Friedrich Schiegel and the Crisis of Representation, Author: Marike Finlay
Title: Going beyond the Pairs: The Coincidence of Opposites in German Romanticism, Zen, and Deconstruction, Author: Dennis McCort
Title: The Complete Narrative Prose of Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, Author: Conrad Ferdinand Meyer
Title: The Life and Works of Friedrich Schiller, Author: Calvin Thomas
Title: Literature, the 'Volk' and the Revolution in Mid-Nineteenth Century Germany, Author: Michael Perraudin
Title: Dictations: On Haunted Writing, Author: Avital Ronell
Title: Coleridge and German Philosophy: The Poet in the Land of Logic, Author: Paul Hamilton
Title: Locating the Romantic Subject: Novalis with Winnicott, Author: Gail M. Newman

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