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Title: Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Barnes & Noble Classics Series), Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Title: Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for Everyone and No One, Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Title: The Correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Gershom Scholem, Author: Hannah Arendt
Title: Ominous Parallels, Author: Leonard Peikoff
Title: The Courtier and the Heretic: Leibniz, Spinoza, and the Fate of God in the Modern World, Author: Matthew Stewart
Title: Thus Spake Zarathustra. A Book for All and None, Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Title: Thus Spake Zarathustra (Dover Thrift edition), Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Title: German Idealist Philosophy, Author: Various
Title: German Philosophy 1760-1860: The Legacy of Idealism / Edition 1, Author: Terry Pinkard
Title: The Literary Absolute: The Theory of Literature in German Romanticism / Edition 1, Author: Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe
Title: System Of Transcendental Idealism (1800), Author: Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling
Title: The Calculus Wars: Newton, Leibniz, and the Greatest Mathematical Clash of All Time, Author: Jason Socrates Bardi
Title: Descartes's Secret Notebook: A True Tale of Mathematics, Mysticism, and the Quest to Understand the Universe, Author: Amir D. Aczel
Title: Hegel in 90 Minutes, Author: Paul Strathern
Title: Leibniz: An Intellectual Biography, Author: Maria Rosa Antognazza
Title: Philosophy and German Literature, 1700-1990, Author: Nicholas  Saul
Title: Philosophy Of German Idealism / Edition 1, Author: Ernst Behler
Title: On the History of Modern Philosophy / Edition 1, Author: F. W. J. von Schelling
Title: German Philosophy And Politics, Author: John Dewey
Title: The Mystical Sources of German Romantic Philosophy, Author: Ernst Benz

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