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Title: The Non-Designer's Design Book, Author: Robin Williams
Title: Draplin Design Co.: Pretty Much Everything, Author: Aaron James Draplin Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Sunday Sketching, Author: Christoph Niemann
Title: Gothic and Old English Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts, Author: Dan X. Solo
Title: Seeing Is Believing / Edition 4, Author: Arthur Berger
Title: Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture / Edition 2, Author: Marita Sturken
Title: Picture This: How Pictures Work, Author: Molly Bang Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy: A Step-by-Step Manual, Author: Eleanor Winters
Title: The Elements of Graphic Design / Edition 2, Author: Alex W. White Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines, Author: Artist's Guild Graphic
Title: Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills, Author: David Sherwin Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Layout Essentials: 100 Design Principles for Using Grids, Author: Beth Tondreau
Title: How to, Author: Michael Bierut
Title: Creating Characters with Personality: For Film, TV, Animation, Video Games, and Graphic Novels, Author: Tom Bancroft
Title: The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint (2nd edition) / Edition 2, Author: Edward Tufte
Title: The Art of Looking Sideways, Author: Alan Fletcher
Title: The Complete Book of Silk Screen Printing Production, Author: J. I. Biegeleisen Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Design Elements, 2nd Edition: Understanding the rules and knowing when to break them - Updated and Expanded, Author: Timothy Samara
Title: Calligraphy Alphabets Made Easy, Author: Margaret Shepherd
Title: Basics of Design: Layout & Typography for Beginners / Edition 2, Author: Lisa Graham

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