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Title: Programmable Logic Controllers / Edition 4, Author: Frank Petruzella
Title: Programmable Logic Controllers: Hardware and Programming, Author: Max Rabiee
Title: Software and Hardware Engineering: Assembly and C Programming for the Freescale HCS12 Microcontroller / Edition 2, Author: Fredrick M. Cady
Title: The Norton Scores: for The Enjoyment of Music: An Introduction to Perceptive Listening, Eleventh Edition / Edition 11, Author: Kristine Forney
Title: Intro to Programmable Logic Controllers / Edition 3, Author: Gary A. Dunning
Title: Programming and Customizing the PICAXE Microcontroller / Edition 2, Author: David Lincoln Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: CAN System Engineering: From Theory to Practical Applications, Author: Wolfhard Lawrenz
Title: The PIC Microcontroller: Your Personal Introductory Course / Edition 3, Author: John Morton
Title: Microcontroller Projects Using the Basic Stamp / Edition 2, Author: Al Williams
Title: PIC Microcontroller Project Book: For PIC Basic and PIC Basic Pro Compliers / Edition 2, Author: John Iovine
Title: A Systems Approach to Programmable Controllers / Edition 1, Author: Swainston
Title: Programming PIC Microcontrollers with PICBASIC / Edition 1, Author: Chuck Hellebuyck
Title: Programming and Customizing the Multicore Propeller Microcontroller: The Official Guide / Edition 1, Author: Parallax Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Control of Robot Manipulators in Joint Space / Edition 1, Author: Rafael Kelly
Title: Guide to Picmicro Microcontrollers, Author: Carl Bergquist
Title: Microcontroller Cookbook / Edition 2, Author: Mike James Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Pic Robotics: A Beginner's Guide to Robotics Projects Using the Pic Micro / Edition 1, Author: John Iovine
Title: Programmable Controllers; Operation and Application, Author: Ian G. Warnock
Title: Technicians Guide to Programmable Controllers, Author: Richard A. Cox
Title: PIC: Your Personal Introductory Course, Author: John Morton

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