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Title: Occupation-Based Activity Analysis / Edition 2, Author: H. Thomas
Title: Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents / Edition 7, Author: Jane Case-Smith
Title: Muscles: Testing and Function, with Posture and Pain / Edition 5, Author: Elizabeth Kendall McCreary
Title: Physical Dysfunction Practice Skills for the Occupational Therapy Assistant / Edition 3, Author: Mary Beth Early
Title: Physical Agent Modalities: Theory and Application for the Occupational Therapist / Edition 2, Author: Alfred G. Bracciano
Title: Physical Rehabilitation / Edition 6, Author: Susan B. O'Sullivan
Title: Patient Practitioner Interaction: An Experiential Manual for Developing the Art of Health Care / Edition 6, Author: Carol M. Davis
Title: Introduction to Orthotics: A Clinical Reasoning and Problem-Solving Approach / Edition 4, Author: Brenda M. Coppard
Title: Assistive Technologies: Principles and Practice / Edition 4, Author: Albert M. Cook
Title: Neuroscience: Fundamentals for Rehabilitation / Edition 4, Author: Laurie Lundy-Ekman
Title: Case Studies Through the Health Care Continuum: A Workbook for the Occupational Therapy Student / Edition 2, Author: Nancy Lowenstein
Title: Manual Physical Therapy of the Spine / Edition 2, Author: Kenneth A. Olson
Title: Neurologic Interventions for Physical Therapy / Edition 3, Author: Suzanne Tink Martin
Title: Therapeutic Exercise for Musculoskeletal Injuries 4th Edition With Online Video / Edition 4, Author: Peggy Houglum
Title: Quick Reference Neuroscience for Rehabilitation Professionals: The Essential Neurologic Principles Underlying Rehabilitation Practice / Edition 3, Author: Sharon A. Gutman
Title: Fundamentals of Hand Therapy: Clinical Reasoning and Treatment Guidelines for Common Diagnoses of the Upper Extremity / Edition 2, Author: Cynthia Cooper
Title: Rehabilitation Techniques for Sports Medicine and Athletic Training / Edition 6, Author: William E. Prentice Ph.D.
Title: Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy: The Theoretical Basis and Practice Application of Group Intervention / Edition 5, Author: Marilyn B. Cole
Title: Pediatric Skills for Occupational Therapy Assistants / Edition 4, Author: Jean W. Solomon
Title: Fundamental Orthopedic Management for the Physical Therapist Assistant / Edition 4, Author: Robert C. Manske

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