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Title: Magnificent Monarch: Charles II and the Ceremonies of Power, Author: Anna Keay
Title: Killers of the King: The Men Who Dared to Execute Charles I, Author: Charles Spencer Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Errant Plagiary: The Life and Writing of Lady Sarah Cowper, 1644-1720, Author: Anne Kugler
Title: Cromwell's Masterstroke: Dunbar 1650, Author: Peter Reese Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Studies in Cromwell's Family Circle, Author: Robert William Ramsey
Title: The Winter Queen: A Biography of Elizabeth of Bohemia, Author: Josephine Ross
Title: The Third Earl of Shaftesbury, 1671-1713, Author: Robert B. Voitle
Title: The Huguenot Soldiers of William of Orange and the Glorious Revolution of 1688: The Lions of Judah, Author: Matthew Glozier
Title: Ancient Faith and Modern Freedom in John Dryden's
Title: The Myth of the Conqueror : Prince Henry Stuart : A Study of 17th Century Personation, Author: J.W. W. Williamson
Title: King and the Gentleman, Author: Derek A. Wilson
Title: Samurai William, Author: Giles Milton
Title: The American Dream of Captain John Smith, Author: J. A. Leo Lemay
Title: Essex the Rebel: The Life of Robert Devereux, the Third Earl of Essex, 1591-1646, Author: Vernon F. Snow
Title: The Glorious Scoundrel, Author: Noel B. Gerson
Title: George Villiers, Second Duke of Buckingham, 1628-1687; A Study in the History of the Restoration, Author: Winifred Anne Henrietta Chris Burghclere
Title: Proceedings in the Opening Session of the Long Parliament: House of Commons, Volume 6: 19 July-9 September 1641, Author: Maija Jansson
Title: The Changeling Decoded, Author: A. A. Bromham
Title: Oliver Cromwell, Author: Peter Gaunt
Title: Nell Gwynne, Author: Graham Hopkins

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