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Title: Stalin: Waiting for Hitler, 1929-1941, Author: Stephen Kotkin
Title: Lenin: The Man, the Dictator, and the Master of Terror, Author: Victor Sebestyen
Title: 1917: Lenin, Wilson, and the Birth of the New World Disorder, Author: Arthur Herman PhD
Title: Lara: The Untold Love Story and the Inspiration for Doctor Zhivago, Author: Anna Pasternak
Title: Deep Undercover: My Secret Life and Tangled Allegiances as a KGB Spy in America, Author: Jack Barsky
Title: Spies in the Family: An American Spymaster, His Russian Crown Jewel, and the Friendship That Helped End the Cold War, Author: Eva Dillon
Title: Stalin, Volume I: Paradoxes of Power, 1878-1928, Author: Stephen Kotkin
Title: Lenin's Brother: The Origins of the October Revolution, Author: Philip Pomper
Title: Stalin's Daughter: The Extraordinary and Tumultuous Life of Svetlana Alliluyeva, Author: Rosemary Sullivan
Title: Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler: The Age of Social Catastrophe, Author: Robert Gellately
Title: A Mountain of Crumbs: A Memoir, Author: Elena Gorokhova
Title: Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar, Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore
Title: FDR's Funeral Train: A Betrayed Widow, a Soviet Spy, and a Presidency in the Balance, Author: Robert Klara
Title: Young Stalin, Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore
Title: Russia under the Bolshevik Regime, Author: Richard Pipes
Title: Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives, Author: Alan Bullock
Title: Target Tokyo: The Story of the Sorge Spy Ring, Author: Gordon Prange
Title: Trotsky: A Biography, Author: Robert Service
Title: Stalin's Curse: Battling for Communism in War and Cold War, Author: Robert Gellately
Title: Stalin: The First In-Depth Biography Based on Explosive New Documents From Russia's Secret Archives, Author: Edvard Radzinsky

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