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Title: Raylan Goes to Detroit, Author: Peter Leonard
Title: Worthy Brown's Daughter, Author: Phillip Margolin
Title: The Murder of Marion Miley, Author: Beverly Bell
Title: The Day Lincoln Lost, Author: Charles Rosenberg
Title: Saint Peter's Soldiers: A James Acton Thriller Book #14, Author: J. Robert Kennedy
Title: The Cottoncrest Curse: A Novel, Author: Michael H. Rubin
Title: The Bookworm, Author: Mitch Silver
Title: The Siege Winter: A Novel, Author: Ariana Franklin
Title: Dark Spirits: The Lemp Family:, Author: Dark City Designs
Title: The Angel of Terror., Author: Edgar Wallace
Title: Unhidden Secrets, Author: Samantha Fort
Title: Sherlock Holmes And The Autumn Of Terror, Author: Randy Williams
Title: Traitor's Codex, Author: Jeri Westerson
Title: Redmoon Rising, Author: Denny Standingwater Jr.
Title: Head Games: A Hector Lassiter novel, Author: Craig McDonald
Title: The Boardwalkers: Large Print Second Edition Redux, Author: Frederick Schofield
Title: The Invention of Fire: A Novel, Author: Bruce  Holsinger
Title: Un cadavre de trop, Author: Ellis Peters
Title: Trafic de reliques, Author: Ellis Peters
Title: THE BURNING, Author: Devin K. Asante

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