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Title: Debating the Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1968 / Edition 2, Author: Steven F. Lawson
Title: Founding Fathers: The Essential Guide to the Men Who Made America, Author: The Encyclopaedia Britannica
Title: The Oxford Classical Dictionary, Author: Simon Hornblower
Title: Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments: A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship, Author: Ralph P. Martin
Title: Historical Dictionary of Denmark, Author: Alastair H. Thomas
Title: A Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases, Author: Christopher Coredon
Title: The Princeton Dictionary of Ancient Egypt, Author: Ian Shaw
Title: Where We Were in Vietnam: A Comprehensive Guide to the Firebases and Militar, Author: Michael Kelley
Title: Historical Dictionary Of Napoleonic France, 1799-1815, Author: Owen S Connelly
Title: Nazi-Deutsch/Nazi German, Author: Karen Doerr
Title: Encyclopedia of the Third Reich, Author: Louis L. Snyder
Title: Winston Churchill: A Biographical Companion, Author: Chris Wrigley
Title: Dictionary of the American West / Edition 2, Author: Win Blevins
Title: The New International Dictionary of the Christian Church, Author: J. D. Douglas
Title: Historical Dictionary of the Northern Ireland Conflict, Author: Gordon Gillespie
Title: Historical Dictionary of Albania, Author: Robert Elsie
Title: China: A Cultural and Historical Dictionary, Author: Michael Dillon
Title: Historical Dictionary Of Albania / Edition 560, Author: Robert Elsie
Title: Dictionary of the American West, Author: Win Blevins
Title: Dictionary of Twentieth Century History, Author: David M. Brownstone

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