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Title: Debating the Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1968 / Edition 2, Author: Steven F. Lawson
Title: Where We Were in Vietnam: A Comprehensive Guide to the Firebases and Militar, Author: Michael Kelley
Title: The Oxford Classical Dictionary, Author: Simon Hornblower
Title: Winston Churchill: A Biographical Companion, Author: Chris Wrigley
Title: The Civil Rights Era (SparkNotes History Note), Author: SparkNotes
Title: Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments: A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship, Author: Ralph P. Martin
Title: Founding Fathers: The Essential Guide to the Men Who Made America, Author: The Encyclopaedia Britannica
Title: What Did They Mean by That? a Dictionary of Historical and Genealogical Terms, Old and New, Author: Paul Drake
Title: A Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases, Author: Christopher Coredon
Title: Dictionary of Modern Strategy and Tactics, Author: Michael Keane
Title: The Oxford Dictionary of the Classical World, Author: John Roberts
Title: The Civil War Dictionary, Author: Mark Boatner
Title: A Dictionary of American History, Author: Thomas L. Purvis
Title: USS Columbus (CA-74) (Limited), Author: Randy W. Baumgardner
Title: Historical Dictionary Of The Kurds / Edition 272, Author: Michael M. Gunter
Title: Tour Guide to the Civil War: The Complete State-by-State Guide to Battlegrounds, Landmarks, Museums, Relics, and Sites, Author: Alice Cromie
Title: Historical Dictionary of Jainism, Author: Kristi L. Wiley
Title: Historical Dictionary of International Intelligence, Author: Nigel West
Title: Who's Who in the Age of Alexander the Great: Prosopography of Alexander's Empire / Edition 1, Author: Waldemar Heckel
Title: USMC Vietnam Helicopter Pilots and Aircrew History, 2nd Ed.: Pop a Smoke, Author: Turner Publishing

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