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Title: World War II Day by Day, Author: Shaw
Title: The D-Day Atlas: Anatomy of the Normandy Campaign, Author: Charles Messenger
Title: The Routledge Atlas of the Second World War, Author: Martin Gilbert
Title: Jagdgeschwader 51 'Mölders', Author: John Weal
Title: Kriegsmarine U-Boats, 1939-45, Author: Gordon Williamson
Title: A Traveller's Guide to D-Day and the Battle for Normandy, Author: Carl Shilleto
Title: Jagdgeschwader 2: 'Richthofen', Author: John Weal
Title: Jagdgeschwader 27 Afrika, Author: John Weal
Title: Concise Historical Atlas of World War Two: The Geography of Conflict / Edition 1, Author: Ronald Story
Title: Atlas of the Eastern Front: 1941-45, Author: Robert Kirchubel
Title: The Boys of Pointe du Hoc: Ronald Reagan, D-Day, and the U.S. Army 2nd Ranger Battalion, Author: Douglas Brinkley
Title: The Philippines In World War Ii, 1941-1945, Author: Walter F. Bell
Title: 49th Fighter Group: Aces in the Pacific, Author: William N Hess
Title: Croatian Aces of World War 2 (Osprey Aircraft of the Aces #49), Author: Boris Ciglic
Title: Jagdgeschwader 52: The Experten, Author: John Weal
Title: Texas Aggie Medals of Honor: Seven Heroes of World War II, Author: James R. Woodall
Title: Junkers JU 87: Stukageschwader of North Africa and the Mediterranean, Author: John Weal
Title: Luftwaffe Sturmgruppen, Author: John Weal
Title: Jagdgeschwader Nr II Geschwader 'Berthold' (Aviation Elite Units 19), Author: Greg VanWyngarden
Title: The Battle for History: Re-fighting World War II, Author: John Keegan

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