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Title: Sacred Violence: The European Crusades to the Middle East, 1095-1396 / Edition 1, Author: Jill N. Claster
Title: God's War: A New History of the Crusades, Author: Christopher Tyerman
Title: The First Crusade: The Call from the East, Author: Peter Frankopan
Title: Tradition and Diversity Christianity in a World Context to 1500 / Edition 1, Author: Karen Louise Jolly
Title: Love in the Western World, Author: Denis De Rougemont
Title: Sister of Wisdom: St. Hildegard's Theology of the Feminine / Edition 1, Author: Barbara Newman
Title: Crusades: The Illustrated History, Author: Thomas Madden
Title: Heresies of the High Middle Ages / Edition 1, Author: Walter Wakefield
Title: The Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade, Author: Michael Costen
Title: The Making of Byzantium, 600-1025 / Edition 1, Author: Mark Whittow
Title: Richard I, Author: John Gillingham
Title: Dominion of God: Christendom and Apocalypse in the Middle Ages, Author: Brett Edward Whalen
Title: Eating Beauty: The Eucharist and the Spiritual Arts of the Middle Ages, Author: Ann W. Astell
Title: Contesting the Crusades / Edition 1, Author: Norman Housley
Title: The Kingdom of Cyprus and the Crusades, 1191-1374, Author: Peter W. Edbury
Title: Christianity in the West 1400-1700 / Edition 1, Author: John Bossy
Title: The Genesis of Science: How the Christian Middle Ages Launched the Scientific Revolution, Author: James Hannam
Title: Religion and Devotion in Europe, c.1215- c.1515 / Edition 1, Author: Robert N. Swanson
Title: Robert 'Curthose', Duke of Normandy (c. 1050-1134), Author: William M. Aird
Title: Europe's Inner Demons: The Demonization of Christians in Medieval Christendom, Author: Norman Cohn

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