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Title: Vikings, Author: Robert Nicholson
Title: Buried in Ice: Unlocking the Secrets of an Arctic Voyage, Author: Owen Beattie
Title: Vikings with 3.5 Disk, Author: World Book Inc
Title: Story of Sacajawea: Guide to Lewis and Clark, Author: Della Rowland
Title: Cleopatra: The Queen of Dreams, Author: Haydn Middleton
Title: The Story of Benjamin Franklin, AmazingAmerican, Author: Margaret Davidson
Title: On the Waters of the USA: Ships and Boats in American Life, Author: Martin W. Sandler
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Title: Bikes, Cars, Trucks and Trains: From Nomads to Wagon Trains to Race Cars: How People Move Across Land, Author: Scholastic Books Inc.
Title: Great Wall of China, Author: Leonard Everett Fisher
Title: Ancient Greece!: 40 Hands-on Activites to Experience This Wondrous Age, Author: Avery Hart
Title: Famous Air Force Bombers, Author: George E. Sullivan
Title: Lewis and Clark, Author: George Sullivan
Title: Ancient Greece, Author: Lyndall Thomas
Title: Romans, Author: Peter Chrisp
Title: American Issues: A Documentary Reader / Edition 1, Author: McGraw-Hill Education
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Title: Colin Powell : A Biography, Author: James Haskins
Title: Math in Focus: Singapore Math: Teacher's Edition, Book A Grade 2 2009, Author: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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Title: Popular Science Datafiles: Technology and Communications, Author: Richard B. Platt
Title: The ABCs of Black History: A Children's Guide, Author: Craig Thompson
Title: N. C. Wyeth's Pilgrims, Author: Robert D. San Souci

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