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Title: Canada - the people (revised, ed. 3), Author: Bobbie Kalman
Title: Sir John Franklin: The Search for the Northwest Passage, Author: Anders Knudsen
Title: Land of Immigrants, Author: Barry Moreno
Title: Canada, Author: Robert Barlas
Title: A Northern Nativity: Christmas Dreams of a Prairie Boy, Author: William Kurelek
Title: Montreal, Author: D. Rogers Stillman
Title: Bugs of Alberta, Author: John Acorn
Title: Lumberjack, Author: Kurelek
Title: The Illustrated History of Canada / Edition 4, Author: Craig Brown
Title: Marie-Therese Guyon, Mme. Cadillac: First Lady of Detroit, Author: Karen Elizabeth Bush
Title: Alexander Mackenzie and the Explorers of Canada, Author: Georgia Xydes
Title: Canada, Author: Joanne Mattern
Title: The Niagara Gorge Belt Line: A Pictorial Album, Author: Gordon J. Thompson
Title: Manitoba, Author: Sarah Yates
Title: Zeballos, Its Gold Its People Yesterday and Today: An Historical Documentation, Author: Warren Cullins
Title: Alberta, Author: Suzanne LeVert
Title: Canada, Author: David K. Wright
Title: Children of the Yukon, Author: Ted Harrison
Title: Montreal, Author: Stillman D. Rogers
Title: Too Young to Fight: Memories from Our Youth During World War II, Author: Priscilla Galloway

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