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Title: Stalin, Volume I: Paradoxes of Power, 1878-1928, Author: Stephen Kotkin
Title: Through the Maelstrom: A Red Army Soldier's War on the Eastern Front, 1942-1945, Author: Boris Gorbachevsky
Title: Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives, Author: Alan Bullock
Title: Magnetic Mountain: Stalinism as a Civilization / Edition 1, Author: Stephen Kotkin
Title: In the Shadow of Revolution: Life Stories of Russian Women from 1917 to the Second World War, Author: Sheila Fitzpatrick
Title: Art of the Avant-Gardes / Edition 1, Author: Steve Edwards
Title: Red Autobiographies: Initiating the Bolshevik Self, Author: Igal Halfin
Title: Red Star Rogue, Author: Kenneth Sewell
Title: A Failed Empire: The Soviet Union in the Cold War from Stalin to Gorbachev / Edition 2, Author: Vladislav M. Zubok
Title: The Great Terror: A Reassessment / Edition 40, Author: Robert Conquest
Title: Creating Russophobia: From the Great Religious Schism to Anti-Putin Hysteria, Author: Guy Mettan
Title: Nationalism, Marxism, and Modern Central Europe: A Biography of Kazimierz Kelles-Krauz, 1872-1905, Author: Timothy Snyder
Title: The Last Diary of Tsaritsa Alexandra, Author: Tsaritsa Alexandra
Title: Life and Terror in Stalin's Russia, 1934-1941 / Edition 1, Author: Robert W. Thurston
Title: Secret Empire: Eisenhower, the CIA, and the Hidden Story of America's Space Espionage, Author: Philip  Taubman
Title: The Romanovs: Ruling Russia, 1613-1917, Author: Lindsey Hughes
Title: Secret Identity Crisis: Comic Books and the Unmasking of Cold War America, Author: Matthew J. Costello
Title: Thaw Generation: Coming of Age in the Post-Stalin Era (Pitt Series in Russian and East European Studies), Author: Ludmilla Alexeyeva
Title: Medieval Russia, 980-1584 / Edition 2, Author: Janet Martin
Title: The History Of The Armenian Genocide / Edition 4, Author: Vahakn N. Dadrian

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