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Title: God's Appointed Times-New Edition: A Practical Guide for Understanding and Celebrating the Biblical Holy Days, Author: Barney Kasdan
Title: Megillat Esther, Author: JT Waldman
Title: Jewish Holidays, Author: Michael Strassfeld
Title: Your Guide to the Jewish Holidays: From Shofar to Seder, Author: Cantor Matt Axelrod
Title: A Book of Life: Embracing Judaism as a Spiritual Practice, Author: Michael Strassfeld
Title: Feasts of Israel: Seasons of the Messiah, Author: Bruce Scott
Title: Jewish Family Celebrations: The Sabbath, Festivals, and Ceremonies, Author: Arlene R. Cardozo
Title: The Wondering Jew My Journey into Judaism, Author: Ellen Brazer
Title: Judaism for Two: A Spiritual Guide for Strengthening & Celebrating Your Loving Relationship, Author: Nancy Wiener
Title: The Language of Truth: The Torah Commentary of the Sefat Emet, Author: Judah A. Alter
Title: Jewish Festivals: A Guide to Their History and Observance, Author: Hayyim Schauss
Title: The Jewish Way: Living the Holidays, Author: Irving Greenberg
Title: Fall Feasts of Israel, Author: Mitch Glaser
Title: Live Your Festive Heritage: A Jewish Holiday Handbook for the Christian, Author: Jen Marik Betham-Lang
Title: Common Prayers: Faith, Family, and a Christian's Journey Through the Jewish Year, Author: Harvey Cox
Title: All These Vows-Kol Nidre, Author: Catherine Madsen
Title: Being Jewish: The Spiritual and Cultural Practice of Judaism Today, Author: Ari L. Goldman
Title: High and Holy Days: A Book of Jewish Prayer, Author: Charles Middleburgh
Title: Christ in the Passover, Author: Ceil Rosen
Title: His Glory Revealed: A Devotional, Author: John Hagee

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