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Title: Passover Haggadah: A New English Translation and Instructions for the Seder, Author: Rabbi Nathan Goldberg
Title: For This We Left Egypt?: A Passover Haggadah for Jews and Those Who Love Them, Author: Dave Barry
Title: Simply Seder: A Passover Haggadah for Your Family, Author: Dena Neusner
Title: Blood Moon-God's Warning: Jewish Feasts and the Blood Moons of 2014 and 2015, Author: J. Nell Brown
Title: Ceremony & Celebration: Introduction to the Holidays, Author: Jonathan Sacks
Title: The Dreidel's Hidden Meanings (The Mysteries Of Judaism Series), Author: Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh
Title: The New Passover Menu, Author: Paula Shoyer
Title: Vedibarta Bam: And You Shall Speak of Them - Pirkei Avot, Author: Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky
Title: The Wondering Jew My Journey into Judaism, Author: Ellen Brazer
Title: Change & Renewal: The Essence of the Jewish Holidays, Festivals & Days of Remembrance, Author: Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
Title: Celebrating Passover, Author: Gila Gevirtz
Title: 30 Minute Seder: The Haggadah That Blends Brevity with Tradition, Author: Robert Kopman
Title: The Family (and Frog!) Haggadah, Author: Karen and Isaacs Rostoker-Gruber
Title: Family Haggadah: A Seder for All Generations, Author: Elie M. Gindi
Title: Santa Cruz Haggadah: A Passover Haggadah, Coloring Book and Journal for the Evolving Consciousness, Author: Karen Roekard
Title: Passover Haggadah for Christians, Author: Bruce Fingerhut
Title: At Our Rebbe's Seder Table, Author: Rabbi Eli Touger
Title: Palphot Trabish Haggadah, Author: Palphot
Title: Cristo En La Pascua, Author: Ceil & Moishe Rosen
Title: Bar/Bat Mitzvah Speeches Made Easy, Author: Jacob Perlis

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