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Title: Code Check: 7th Edition, Author: Redwood Kardon
Title: Start Your Own Home Inspection Service, Author: Entrepreneur Press
Title: Complete Book of Home Inspection / Edition 4, Author: Norman Becker
Title: The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Home Inspections, Author: Bobbi Dempsey
Title: Before You Buy Your House or Apartment, Author: William Klein
Title: The Complete Book of Home Inspection, Author: Norman Becker
Title: 21 Things Every Home Inspector Should Know, Author: Frank Cook
Title: Your Home Inspection Guide, Author: William L. Ventolo
Title: Home Buyer's Inspection Guide: Making Investments in Your Home That Pay for Themselves, Author: Madorma
Title: The Consumer Advocate's Guide to Home Inspection, Author: Barry Stone
Title: Buy Smart! the Complete Homebuyer's Guide to Residential Evaluation, Author: R. Edward Brown
Title: Home Inspection Troubleshooter, Author: Robert Irwin
Title: Complete Home Inspection Kit, Author: William L. Bentolo
Title: Principles of Home Inspection: Interiors, Author: Carson Dunlop
Title: Home Inspection Manual, Author: A. Daniel
Title: Residential Roof Inspections by: Lafluer/Weave, Author: Lafluer
Title: Day The House Fell: Homeowner Soil Problems-From Landslides To Expansive Clays And Wet Basements, Author: Richard L. Handy
Title: Principles of Home Inspection: Chimneys and Wood Heating, Author: Dearborn
Title: Home Inspection Workbook, Author: Steve Hunter
Title: How to Inspect a House: Exactly What to Look for Before You Buy, Author: George Cleborn Hoffman

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