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Title: The Economics of Women, Men, and Work / Edition 7, Author: Francine Blau
Title: Homemakers: The Forgotten Workers, Author: Rae Andre
Title: Stop the World - Our Gerbils Are Loose, Author: Ann Toland Serb
Title: Woman At Home, Author: Arlene Rossen Cardozo
Title: The Way Home, Author: Mary Pride
Title: What's a Smart Woman like You Doing in a Place like This?: Homemaking on Purpose, Author: Mary Ann Froehlich
Title: Stay-at-Home Mom: For Women at Home and Those Who Want to Be, Author: Donna Otto
Title: Voices of American Homemakers, Author: Eleanor Arnold
Title: Consumerism and the Movement of Housewives into Wage Work: The Interaction of Patriarchy, Class and Capitalism in Twentieth Century America, Author: David R. Wells
Title: I'm Not a Women's Libber, but-- and Other Confessions of a Christian Feminist, Author: Anne Bowen Follis
Title: The Economic Emergence of Women / Edition 2, Author: B. Bergmann
Title: Just a Housewife: The Rise and Fall of Domesticity in America, Author: Glenna Matthews
Title: The Grand Domestic Revolution: A History of Feminist Designs for American Homes, Neighborhoods, and Cities, Author: Dolores Hayden
Title: What's a Smart Woman like You Doing at Home?, Author: Linda Burton
Title: You Can Go Home Again: The Career Woman's Guide to Leaving the Work Force, Author: Pamela A. Piljac
Title: Finding Fulfillment as a Stay-at-Home Mom, Author: Donna Otto
Title: Celebrate Home: Great Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms, Author: Angie Peters
Title: Catholic Vision of Love, Author: Stubna
Title: The Gender Factory: The Apportionment of Work in American Households, Author: S.F. Berk
Title: The Invisible Woman: Target of the Religious New Right, Author: Shirley R. Radl

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