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Title: The Horse, Author: Parragon
Title: Storey's Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North America, Author: Judith Dutson
Title: The Horse Lover's Bible: The Complete Practical Guide to Horse Care and Management, Author: Tamsin Pickeral
Title: Horses For Dummies, Author: Audrey Pavia
Title: Album of Horses, Author: Marguerite Henry
Title: Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage: Designing and Managing Your Equine Facilities, Author: Cherry Hill
Title: Storey's Guide to Raising Horses, Author: Heather Smith Thomas
Title: The Tao of Equus: A Woman's Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Way of the Horse, Author: Linda Kohanov
Title: The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd, Author: Joe Camp
Title: Some More Horse Tradin', Author: Ben K. Green
Title: Equine Color Genetics / Edition 3, Author: D. Phillip Sponenberg
Title: The Nature of Horses, Author: Stephen Budiansky
Title: The Horse Conformation Handbook, Author: Heather Smith Thomas
Title: Finding the Missed Path: The Art of Restarting Horses, Author: Mark Rashid
Title: Horse Conformation: Structure, Soundness, and Performance: Equine Research, Author: Equine Research
Title: Stablekeeping: A Visual Guide to Safe and Healthy Horsekeeping, Author: Cherry Hill
Title: Horse Handling & Grooming: Haltering * Leading & Tying * Bathing & Clipping * Grooming & Braiding * Handling Hooves, Author: Cherry Hill
Title: Some Horses (Signed by the author), Author: Thomas McGuane
Title: The Horses of Proud Spirit, Author: Melanie Sue Bowles
Title: Horse Housing: How to Plan, Build, and Remodel Barns and Sheds, Author: Richard Klimesh

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