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Title: Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Wiring, Updated 6th Edition: Current with 2014-2017 Electrical Codes, Author: Editors of CPi
Title: The Architecture of Light - Architectural Lighting Design Concepts and Techniques: A Textbook of Procedures and Practices for the Architect, Interior Designer and Lighting Designer / Edition 2, Author: Sage Russell
Title: Lighting for Interior Design, Author: Malcolm Innes
Title: Fundamentals of Lighting, 2nd Edition / Edition 2, Author: Susan M. Winchip
Title: Residential Lighting: A Practical Guide to Beautiful and Sustainable Design / Edition 2, Author: Randall Whitehead
Title: Architectural Lighting Design / Edition 3, Author: Gary Steffy
Title: Illuminate: Contemporary Craft Lighting, Author: Hannah Nunn
Title: Outdoor Lighting Guide, Author: Institution of Lighting Engineers
Title: Lighting Design: Principles, Implementation, Case Studies, Author: Ulrike Brandi
Title: Lighting Style: The Complete Guide to Lighting Every Room in Your Home, Author: Kevin McCloud
Title: Only Lights, Author: Eva Marin
Title: Handbook of Specialty Elements in Architecture, Author: Andrew Alpern
Title: Decorating with Mini-Lights, Author: Marcianne Miller
Title: CANDLE DETAILS, Author: Emily Chalmers
Title: Selected Papers on Architectural Lighting, Author: Mark S. Rea
Title: Best of Lighting Design, Author: Wanda Jankowski
Title: Candlelit Christmas: Decorating with Candles for the Holiday Season, Author: John Terrell Fry
Title: Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Lighting / Edition 1, Author: Gary Steffy Lighting Design Inc.
Title: Interior Lighting, Author: Ortho Books
Title: Lighting: Exteriors and Landscapes, Author: Wanda Janowski

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