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Title: The Parthenon, Author: Mary Beard
Title: The Creation of Modern Athens: Planning the Myth, Author: Eleni Bast a.
Title: The Parthenon Marbles: The Case for Reunification / Edition 3, Author: Christopher Hitchens
Title: The Acropolis: Global Fame, Local Claim, Author: Eleana Yalouri
Title: The Palace of Minos at Knossos, Author: Chris Scarre
Title: Knossos and the Prophets of Modernism, Author: Cathy Gere
Title: The Parthenon Enigma, Author: Joan Breton Connelly
Title: Worshipping Athena: Panathenaia And Parthenon, Author: Jenifer Neils
Title: The Elgin Marbles: Should They Be Returned to Greece?, Author: Christopher Hitchens
Title: Prayers in Stone, Author: Alexander Liberman
Title: The Parthenon, Author: Vincent J. Bruno
Title: Acropolois Restoration: The CCAM Interventions, Author: Richard Economakis
Title: The Central Palace Sanctuary at Knossos, Author: Marina Panagiotaki
Title: The Athenian Acropolis: History, Mythology, and Archaeology from the Neolithic Era to the Present, Author: Jeffrey M. Hurwit
Title: Parthenon, Author: Panayotis Tournikio
Title: The East Side of the Agora: The Remains Beneath the Stoa of Attalos, Author: Rhys F. Townsend
Title: The Propylaia to the Athenian Akropolis: The Predecessors, Author: William Bell Dinsmoor
Title: The Poetics of Appearance in the Attic Korai, Author: Mary Stieber
Title: Athens, Author: Jonathan Moberly

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