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Title: Mental Health Aspects of Mental Retardation: Progress in Assessment and Treatment, Author: Robert J. Fletcher
Title: Vulnerable Populations Volume 2, Author: Suzanne Sgroi
Title: Vulnerable Populations, Author: Suzanne M. Sgroi
Title: Descent into Oblivion, Author: D.L. Roberts
Title: Counseling and Psychotherapy with Persons with Mental Retardation and Borderline Intelligence, Author: Douglas C. Strohmer
Title: Clinical Psychology and People with Intellectual Disabilities, Author: Eric Emerson
Title: Something's Wrong with My Child!: A Straightforward Presentation to Help Professionals and Parents to Better Understand Themselves in Dealing with the Emotionally-Charged Subject of Disabled Children, Author: Harriet Wallace Rose
Title: Vulnerable Populations Vol 1, Author: Suzanne Sgroi
Title: Disabling Perversions: Forensic Psychotherapy with People with Intellectual Disabilities, Author: Alan Corbett
Title: Helping Adults with Mental Retardation Grieve a Death Loss / Edition 1, Author: Charlene Luchterhand
Title: The Handbook of Intellectual Disability and Clinical Psychology Practice / Edition 1, Author: Alan Carr
Title: Psychological Evaluation of the Developmentally and Physically Disabled / Edition 1, Author: Jean-Pierre Fouque
Title: Psychosocial Influences in Retarded Performance, Author: Michael J. Begab
Title: Evidence-Based Practice and Intellectual Disabilities, Author: Peter Sturmey
Title: Couples with Intellectual Disabilities Talk about Living and Loving, Author: Karin Melberg Schwier
Title: The Handbook of Intellectual Disability and Clinical Psychology Practice, Author: Alan Carr
Title: Treating Mental Illness and Behavior Disorders in Children and Adults With Mental Retardation, Author: Anton Dosen
Title: Working with People with Learning Disabilities, Author: Honor Woods
Title: Lunacy and Death, Author: Tom Dombrock
Title: Glass Slippers: A Journey of Mental Illness, Author: Emily LeClair Metcalf

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