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Title: Toilet Training Persons with Developmental Disabilities: A Rapid Program for Day and Nighttime Independent Toileting, Author: Richard M. Foxx
Title: Foundations, Teachers, and Families in Developmental Disabilities, Author: Robert Sandieson
Title: How to Live with and Overcome the Problems of Mental Retardation, Author: Rasmee Hasitavej
Title: Prescriptive Behavior Checklist, Author: D. Popovich
Title: Mentally Handicapped Child, Author: Brian Herbert Kirman
Title: Children with Mental Retardation: A Parents' Guide, Author: Romayne Smith
Title: Health Care Financing for Severe Developmental Disabilities, Author: Herbert J. Cohen
Title: The Mentally Retarded Child and His Motor Behavior, Author: Thais R. Beter
Title: Grief Dancers: a journey into the depths of the soul, Author: Susan Zimmermann
Title: The Mentally Retarded Child, Author: Max L. Hutt
Title: Retardation in Young Children: A Developmental Study of Cognitive Deficit, Author: Sarah H. Broman
Title: Community Care for Mentally Handicapped Children: The Origins and Consequences of a Social Policy, Author: Pamela Abbot
Title: The Search for Help: A Study of the Retarded Child in the Community, Author: Jerry Jacobs
Title: Handbook of Mental Retardation and Development / Edition 1, Author: Jacob A. Burack
Title: Developmental Disability and Behaviour / Edition 1, Author: Christopher Gillberg
Title: The Rewards of Hope, Author: J. Norman Heard
Title: Training Retarded Babies and Preschoolers, Author: Thomas F. Linde
Title: Idiots: Stories about Mindedness and Mental Retardation, Author: R. Daniel Linneman
Title: Eye Movements and Information Processing in Mentally Retarded Children, Author: F. J. Boersma
Title: Cup of Kindness, Author: Louise W. Fraser

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