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Title: 50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom, Author: Alice Keeler
Title: Ditch That Textbook: Free Your Teaching and Revolutionize Your Classroom, Author: Matt Miller
Title: The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined, Author: Salman Khan
Title: Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms / Edition 3, Author: Willard H. Richardson
Title: Teaching Online: A Practical Guide / Edition 4, Author: Susan Ko
Title: Essentials of Online Course Design: A Standards-Based Guide / Edition 2, Author: Marjorie Vai
Title: The End of College: Creating the Future of Learning and the University of Everywhere, Author: Kevin Carey
Title: The Internet and the Language Classroom: A Practical Guide for Teachers / Edition 2, Author: Gavin Dudeney
Title: Building Online Learning Communities: Effective Strategies for the Virtual Classroom / Edition 2, Author: Rena M. Palloff
Title: Reinventing Project-Based Learning : Your Field Guide to real-world projects in the digital age / Edition 2, Author: Boss Suzie
Title: Electronic Monuments, Author: Gregory Ulmer
Title: Blackboard For Dummies, Author: Howie Southworth
Title: Using Google & Google Tools in the Classroom, Author: Midge Frazel
Title: Moodle For Dummies, Author: Radana Dvorak
Title: Understanding Online Instructional Modeling, Author: Robert Zheng
Title: The Longman Handbook for Writers and Readers / Edition 6, Author: Chris M. Anson
Title: Designing E-Learning, Author: Saul Carliner
Title: Make Money Teaching Online: How to Land Your First Academic Job, Build Credibility, and Earn a Six-Figure Salary, Author: Danielle Babb PhD
Title: Essential Elements: Prepare, Design, and Teach Your Online Course / Edition 1, Author: Bonnie Elbaum
Title: Online Education Policy and Practice: The Past, Present, and Future of the Digital University, Author: Anthony G. Picciano

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