Title: The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet, Author: Jeff Kosseff
Title: The Cyber Citizen's Guide Through the Legal Jungle: Internet Law for Your Professional Online Presence, Author: Joy Butler
Title: The GigaLaw Guide to Internet Law: The One-Stop Legal Resource for Conducting Business Online, Author: Doug Isenberg
Title: The End of Ownership: Personal Property in the Digital Economy, Author: Aaron Perzanowski
Title: A Hacker Manifesto, Author: McKenzie Wark
Title: Public Policy and the Internet: Privacy, Taxes, and Contract, Author: Nicholas Imparato
Title: ICT Law and Internationalisation: A Survey of Government Views, Author: Bert-Jaap Koops
Title: Internet Policies and Issues, Author: B. G. Kutais
Title: Information Technology Law / Edition 5, Author: Uta Kohl
Title: Cyber-Crime: The Challenge in Asia, Author: Rod Broadhurst
Title: Selected Legal Issues of E-Commerce, Author: Toshiyuki Kono
Title: Shaping Internet Governance: Regulatory Challenges / Edition 1, Author: Rolf H. Weber
Title: Self Regulation And The Internet, Author: Monroe E. Price
Title: Cyber Law: Maximizing Safety and Minimizing Risk in Classrooms, Author: Aimee M. Bissonette
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Title: Community, Space and Online Censorship: Regulating Pornotopia / Edition 1, Author: Scott Beattie
Title: European Data Protection Law: Corporate Regulation and Compliance / Edition 2, Author: Christopher Kuner
Title: Social Media and Electronic Commerce Law / Edition 2, Author: Alan Davidson
Title: The Internet Legal Guide: Everything You Need to Know When Doing Business Online / Edition 1, Author: Dennis M. Powers
Title: Evaluating Web Sites for Legal Compliance: Basics for Web Site Legal Auditing, Author: Leopoldo Brandt Graterol
Title: Copyright Exceptions: The Digital Impact, Author: Robert Burrell

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