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Title: Cyber Law: Maximizing Safety and Minimizing Risk in Classrooms, Author: Aimee M. Bissonette
Title: A Hacker Manifesto, Author: McKenzie Wark
Title: The Cyber Citizen's Guide Through the Legal Jungle: Internet Law for Your Professional Online Presence, Author: Joy Butler
Title: Ctrl + Z: The Right to Be Forgotten, Author: Meg Leta Jones
Title: Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle For Internet Freedom, Author: Rebecca MacKinnon
Title: Gigalaw Guide To Internet Law, Author: Doug Isenberg
Title: Derecho de Internet, Author: Guillermo Cabanellas de Las Cuevas
Title: Economics and E-Commerce: The Online Legal Environment / Edition 1, Author: Roger LeRoy Miller
Title: Producers and Consumers in EU E-Commerce Law, Author: John Dickie
Title: Cyberlaw : National and International Perspectives / Edition 1, Author: Rosario J. Girasa
Title: Free Expression in the Age of the Internet: Social and Legal Boundaries / Edition 1, Author: Jeremy Lipschultz
Title: European Legal Aspects of E-Commerce, Author: Martien Y. Schaub
Title: EU Competition Law and Regulation in the Converging Telecommunications, Media and IT Sectors, Author: Nikolinakos
Title: Law of the Internet 1997, Author: F. Lawrence Street
Title: Public Internet Access in Libraries and Information Centres, Author: Paul Sturges
Title: Privacy and the Internet: Your Expectations and Rights under the Law, Author: Margaret Jasper
Title: Trends in Internet Research, Author: B. G. Kutais
Title: Technology Law: What Every Business (And Business-Minded Person) Needs to Know, Author: Mark Grossman
Title: Music Distribution and the Internet: A Legal Guide for the Music Business / Edition 1, Author: Andrew Sparrow
Title: The Law Of Electronic Commerce And The Internet In The Uk And Ireland, Author: Steve Hedley

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