Title: The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet, Author: Jeff Kosseff
Title: Ctrl + Z: The Right to Be Forgotten, Author: Meg Leta Jones
Title: A Hacker Manifesto, Author: McKenzie Wark
Title: Public Policy and the Internet: Privacy, Taxes, and Contract, Author: Nicholas Imparato
Title: The IT / Digital Legal Companion: A Comprehensive Business Guide to Software, IT, Internet, Media and IP Law, Author: Gene K. Landy
NOOK Book $52.49 $69.95 Current price is $52.49, Original price is $69.95.
Title: Cyber-Crime: The Challenge in Asia, Author: Rod Broadhurst
Title: Collisions in the Digital Paradigm: Law and Rule Making in the Internet Age, Author: David John Harvey
Title: The End of Ownership: Personal Property in the Digital Economy, Author: Aaron Perzanowski
Title: Investigating Child Exploitation and Pornography: The Internet, Law and Forensic Science / Edition 1, Author: Monique Ferraro
Title: Recordkeeping, Ethics and Law: Regulatory Models, Participant Relationships and Rights and Responsibilities in the Online World / Edition 1, Author: Livia Iacovino
Title: Minding Minors Wandering the Web: Regulating Online Child Safety, Author: Simone van der Hof
Title: The Law of Electronic Commerce, Author: Alan Davidson
NOOK Book $72.49 $96.00 Current price is $72.49, Original price is $96.00.
Title: Digital Justice: Technology and the Internet of Disputes, Author: Ethan Katsh
NOOK Book $23.99 $31.99 Current price is $23.99, Original price is $31.99.
Title: Internet Justice, Philosophy of Law For, Author: Anna Mancini PH.
Title: EU Competition Law, Data Protection and Online Platforms: Data as Essential Facility: Data as Essential Facility, Author: Inge Graef
Title: Ancient Egyptian Wisdom for the Internet: Ancient Egyptian Justice and Ancient Roman Law Applied to the Internet, Author: Anna Mancini
Title: Regulating Cyberspace: The Policies and Technologies of Control, Author: Richard A. Spinello
Title: The Digital Rights Movement: The Role of Technology in Subverting Digital Copyright, Author: Hector Postigo
Title: Justicia E Internet, Una Filosofia Del Derecho Para El Mundo Virtual, Author: Anna Mancini PH.
Title: The GigaLaw Guide to Internet Law: The One-Stop Legal Resource for Conducting Business Online, Author: Doug Isenberg

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