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Title: Legal Writing and Analysis / Edition 2, Author: Michael Murray
Title: Active Liberty: Interpreting Our Democratic Constitution, Author: Stephen Breyer
Title: A Matter of Interpretation: Federal Courts and the Law / Edition 1, Author: Antonin Scalia
Title: An Introduction to Legal Reasoning, Author: Edward H. Levi
Title: An Introduction to Statutory Interpretation and the Legislative Process (Aspen Student Treatise Series) / Edition 1, Author: Mikva
Title: Legislation:Statutory Interpretation: Twenty Questions / Edition 1, Author: Kent Greenawalt
Title: Statutory Default Rules: How to Interpret Unclear Legislation, Author: Einer Elhauge
Title: Modern Statutory Interpretation : Problems, Theories, and Lawyering Strategies / Edition 2, Author: Linda D. Jellum
Title: Effect of an Unconstitutional Statute [1935], Author: Oliver Peter Peter Field
Title: Legal Analysis and Writing for Paralegals / Edition 3, Author: William H. Putman
Title: Materials on Legislation: Political Language and the Political Process / Edition 2, Author: William D. Popkin
Title: Reason in Law / Edition 5, Author: Leif H. Carter
Title: Legislation / Edition 3, Author: Foundation Press
Title: The Interpretation Game: How Judges and Lawyers Make the Law / Edition 1, Author: Robert Benson
Title: Legal Research, Writing and Analysis, Author: Michael D. Murray
Title: Tactics of Legal Reasoning, Author: Pierre Schlag
Title: Commentaries on statute and constitutional law and statutory and constitutional construction, containing an examination of adjudged cases on constitutional law under the Constitution of the United States, and the constitution of the respective states conc, Author: E. Fitch Smith
Title: The Enchantment Of Reason, Author: Pierre Schlag
Title: Materials on Legislation : Political Language And The Political Process (2004 Supplement), Author: William D. Popkin
Title: Modern Statutory Interpretation: Problems, Theories, and Lawyering Strategies / Edition 1, Author: Linda Jellum

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