Title: No god but God: The Origins and Evolution of Islam, Author: Reza Aslan
Title: The Iranian Revolution and the Resurgence of Islam, Author: Barry Rubin
Title: Marvelous Stories from the Life of Muhammad, Author: Mardijah Aldrich Tarantino
Title: Muslim Heroes and Holy Places, Author: Musheer Mansoor
Title: Umar Ibn Al-Khattab: Exemplary of Truth and Justice, Author: Tarik Unal
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Title: Abu Bakr: The Pinnacle of Truthfulness, Author: Resit Haylamaz
Title: The Rise of Islam / Edition 1, Author: Matthew S. Gordon
Title: Ali Ibn Abi Talib: Hero of Chivalry, Author: Resit Haylamaz
Title: ISIS: The Global Face of Terrorism, Author: Brendan January
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